The Best Post-Breastfeeding Bras

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NOT my usual topic, to be sure, but I’m fearlessly posting about women’s undergarments because I have struggled to find information on this topic in the past, and I think it needs to be out there!

I have spent much of the last decade wearing nursing bras. (Incidentally, if you’re looking for one, I’ve tried many, and this one is hands down my favorite!) Having recently weaned my youngest, I’ve been on the lookout for a new bra. And what I’ve noticed is that the bras I liked BEFORE breastfeeding babies no longer work for me! I’m not at all upset about the change in shape, size, or tissue density. That’s just part of motherhood, and I’m so very grateful that my body has functioned well to nourish my babies. But it HAS made finding a bra that works more difficult. I’ve noticed that I need a bit more shaping and support, and since my breast tissue is looser than it once was, I need a bra that will prevent any “spillage” over the tops that causes weird lines in a t-shirt (this has been an issue even when I’ve been properly fitted for size in the past.)

After some unfruitful google searches on the topic, I polled my Instagram followers to find out their favorite bras for post-breastfeeding. Then I bought the most recommended, along with a few more that had great reviews online. I ended up trying nine bras. My criteria was comfort, support, and a smooth t-shirt line. Here’s the breakdown of what I tried, along with my review of each.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right, here are the bras pictured:

1. Amazon Essentials Women’s Classic underwire tshirt bra: this is similar to my go-to bra before breastfeeding. I went with an underwire, and this general shape, and it worked perfectly. But now, it’s a definite no. Not comfortable, and had some weird spillage. I’ll be returning it.

2. Midnight by Carole Hochman (sold as a 2-pack): I liked this bra quite a bit. It was comfortable, and provided a smooth line, but the overall support wasn’t perfect. It gave a bit more smash than shape. It’s a pull on, and does not have hooks. I do prefer hooks because I often remove my bra at the end of the day before removing my shirt, and that makes it easier. If I hadn’t already worn it before trying out some others, I would probably return it, but I’ll hang onto it for laundry days when my real favorites are in the wash.

3. Aerie Real Happy Wireless Pushup Bra: This was a good bra. Pretty comfortable, nice and supportive with shaping cups. And surprisingly no spillage. Overall I liked it. But I liked others better…so it’s getting returned.

4. Aerie Real Free Padded Bralette: This one had potential, BUT…the removable pads weren’t quite the right size or shape for the bra…which made it a little lumpy. Not my favorite. Returning it.

5. Auden Everyday Lightly Lined Demi T-shirt Bra: This is the $10 basic bra from Target. If it works for you, it would be a good transitional bra while your breast size is fluctuating after pregnancy or breastfeeding…but it didn’t work for me at all. The underwire was pretty uncomfortable, and the cups were not quite right. Not supportive, comfortable OR smooth under a t-shirt! Definitely getting returned.

6. True & Co True Everybody V-neck Bra: This was without a doubt the most comfortable bra I have ever put on. It was supportive and smooth and I loved it, even though it looks more like a sports bra than a regular bra. It does not have a hook, which adds to the comfort and smooth factors, but is a little less convenient for me. I’m also concerned that the removable pads will bunch up when washed (I’m not great at following laundry directions…so this will probably go through the washer and dryer at some point.) But it was so great that I’m willing to risk it! This one is getting a permanent place in my underwear drawer.

7. Aerie Real Sunnie Wireless Pushup Bra: This one was not a winner. Maybe I just didn’t have the right fit, but it wasn’t comfortable, supportive OR smooth under a tshirt. It’s going back.

8. True & Co True Everybody Triangle: This was another fantastic bra. Only slightly less comfortable than the V-neck version, but fit more like a typical bra. I have the same concerns about the lack of hooks and the removable pads, but I’m keeping this one too. So smooth and comfy! Hopefully it lasts.

9. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution: This bra is admittedly not the cutest, but it is so comfortable (only slightly less than the True & Co V-neck), provides perfect support, and is nice and smooth under a tshirt with no spillage. It also has hooks and the pads are sewn in, not removable (which are not official criteria here, but personal preferences.) That said, this one is a keeper, and my TOP RECOMMENDATION for a post-breastfeeding bra.

In summary…I’m keeping bras number 2, 6, 8, and 9. Number 9 is my overall favorite, and number 6 is the runner up.

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