Weekly Chore Checklists

In addition to their daily responsibilities, my kids have had a bigger, weekly job for a long time now. And while they are used to completing their chore each Saturday morning, I noticed that the quality of their execution started slipping. Instead of getting upset with them, I got reflective, and realized that it had been awhile since I had trained them on their jobs, and I hadn’t done it at all since we moved to our new house! Since each house is a little different, they needed a bit more instruction so they could do a thorough job.

My three oldest rotate through three responsibilities each week (vacuum, clean bathrooms, and dust/clean windows), so it took me three weeks to fully train each one of them on all three of the jobs. I didn’t want them to forget (or “forget”) all the specifics we had gone over, so I decided to create detailed checklists for each job that they could use each week as a reminder of how to do their job well.

I hoped these checklists would be helpful, but I was shocked at what a difference they made! We have been using them for several weeks now, and I can’t believe I didn’t use them sooner. My kids are cleaning so much more thoroughly than they ever have before! It feels like magic! I laminated the lists and we keep them on a clip board with our family command center, so they are always handy when it’s time to do Saturday chores. I pass them out, they carry them along as they complete their jobs, and then we put them back when we’re done.

When I casually shared a picture of one of our checklists in my Instagram stories, I had so many messages requesting the checklist file, so I decided to make them available here for you!

They work best if you add specifics for your own home, but I created some general lists for the three cleaning categories my girls rotate through each week that could work in any home, and I also have a blank template you can fill in yourself. You can use a PDF editor to customize them as well! I hope they work their magic in your home! Don’t forget the “training” step where you go through each chore WITH each child. I’m pretty sure just handing over a checklist wouldn’t have quite the same effect.

You can purchase the download right here, or go check out my instagram this week to see how you can snag a FREE copy!

Happy cleaning!

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