Getting Organized for 2021

I’ve spent some time during this holiday week focused on getting organized so we can hit the ground running when we start back up with homeschool next week. One thing that is an absolute game changer is my pack of Scheduling and Tracking sheets that I created specifically for homeschooling and virtual schooling families. They keep our school days running smoothly and keep us on track even when chaos is a constant.

If I’m honest, though, between moving, finding black mold in our walls, and the holidays, we’ve kind of fallen off the organized wagon, and we have just been getting by. I KNEW that if I started using our morning routine charts and weekly task charts again, we’d be SO much more productive, but every time I tried to print them or fill them out, I’d get interrupted, distracted, or an emergency would present itself. It’s been survival mode over here folks!

I promised myself I’d get them up and running again for the new year though, and this week I got them all set. It feels SO good knowing we are ready for a smooth start! So good, in fact, that I wanted to share the love! For the first time ever, my printable pack of TEN scheduling and tracking sheets are on sale for 25% OFF! They are SUPER simple to use, tried and true, and there’s something in there for every family! My personal favorites are the Weekly Tasks sheet and the Morning Routine sheet, but I really love them all. This promotion will run through January 6th, so grab them while they’re hot!

If you want to learn more about how to use them, and my philosophy around scheduling, my Fearless Homeschool Workshop is available for replay!

Happy New Year! We may not be in control of everything 2021 brings us, but let’s be as organized and prepared as possible, friends!

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