Christ-Centered Christmas Countdowns

It may be December 2nd, but it’s not too late to start a Christ-Centered Christmas Countdown. In fact, it’s always a good idea not to stress too much about missing a day or two. These activities are meant to make the holiday more joyful, not more stressful.

December seems to be filled with countdowns of all sorts, and we enjoy several in our home, from the little chocolate filled calendars from Trader Joe’s to a Harry Potter Lego Advent. But the most meaningful ones, and the ones we are trying to emphasize especially this year as we celebrate “Christmás” are those that teach us about Jesus Christ, and that help us become more like Him.

Here are a few of our favorites for inviting MORE Christ into Christmas this year:

Light the World Campaign is a series of daily prompts designed to bring more light to those around us. You can download the calendar here or text “LIGHT” to 71234 to receive the prompts directly to your phone. Our family has used this for several years, and it has always been such a wonderful way to connect to others in Christlike service and love.

The 25 Days of Christ from New Tradition Crafts is a series of ornaments and daily devotionals that teach all about the life of Christ. It’s on sale through today, but if it feels too late to get started this year, just file it away for next year. We’ve loved this one, and used it for years.

The Global Advent Calendar from my friend Peethi at Local Passport Family focuses on learning about other countries and finding service opportunities there. Everything she does is pure gold, and this is a fabulous way to develop the Christlike attribute of service, and includes this darling free printable!

When we were first married, we made a felt Christmas Tree with 25 pockets. Inside we placed two pieces of chocolate (one for each of us) and a scripture verse to read. It was such a simple and beautiful tradition, and while we no longer use that particular advent calendar (the pockets aren’t large enough for SEVEN pieces of chocolate each!), we still love doing daily scripture study. I’ve created a FREE printable scripture countdown for you guys that I hope you’ll love! Download it below!

The key here is to not do EVERYTHING, but to make sure what you DO choose to participate in daily will bring your family MORE Christ this month!

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