Hey, I’m Sarah.

Hello friends.  My name is Sarah, mom of five, facing my fears every day as I navigate the messy, soul-stretching journey of motherhood. In my decade plus of parenting, I’ve learned many lessons, but learning to look the scary parts of raising children square in the eye and act without fear has been the most valuable.  I’ve learned that big changes require bold steps, and that with the right outlook, those steps aren’t as scary as they might seem. Over the last twelve years, our family has grown from just my husband and me eating pizza on a cardboard-box-of-a-table in our first apartment by the Chesapeake Bay to a thriving (sometimes just surviving) family of seven living our California dream in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re a coast to coast family that loves outdoor adventures, road trips, and (still) pizza. I love the life I’ve chosen, and I am passionate about helping others moms curate a life they love, while fighting the good fight.  Every family is unique, and every family will face challenges. The way we respond to those can change everything.  Join me in facing them without fear!  


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